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 on: September 20, 2010, 11:10:15 AM 
Started by saltwater - Last post by mgcoleman3
Shoppers Edge wouldn't accept it either. I'll check into the channel 15. That might work.
Thanks, didn't know about that one.

 on: September 20, 2010, 11:01:54 AM 
Started by saltwater - Last post by saltwater
have you tried an add in the shoppers edge paper they have several diffrent publications that reach several markets in and around enid

you also might check into pegusus dont know thier cost

also channel 15 on suddenlink is a local station  KXOK and thier add time seemed reasonable..like 30 bucks for 30 spots or something like that  (it was a car classified add they were selling at that time)

 on: September 20, 2010, 10:48:51 AM 
Started by saltwater - Last post by mgcoleman3
Absolutely! Funny how fast that post was deleted! We tried to buy an ad in the newspaper and they wouldn't accept it! Maybe because we will be opening a Free Classified site for Enid very shortly. Smiley
 LOL We won't blacklist people for having a different political agenda here. We hope to have a place people from Enid can post without having to be "politically correct". This forum is run by people from Enid for people in Enid.
 Just have to find ways to get the word out! Any suggestions for this board will be greatly appreciated!

 on: September 20, 2010, 10:37:02 AM 
Started by saltwater - Last post by saltwater
thanks.. i see the mods of this board share my opinion of our so called mayor and possibly the entire current city admin...

thanks for the sticky my very first..lol

 on: September 20, 2010, 09:50:08 AM 
Started by saltwater - Last post by mgcoleman3
Thanks for posting it here. I've made it a sticky so it can't be removed. I took a picture of his "honor" a couple of years ago riding in an old car. Looked just like one of those old chicago gangsters! LOL

 on: September 20, 2010, 09:20:00 AM 
Started by saltwater - Last post by saltwater
the so called mayor of Enid called me STUPID IN PUBLIC SETTING OUTSIDE AT A PUBLIC EVENT because my opinion was diffrent than his

i will say it was hard not to punch his lights out but since he knew my name and there were 1/2 of epd at the event i figured it was cheaper fine wise to just let it go.

i was at the parade downtown this am and i introduced myself to the "mayor" and even shook his hand(but i should probably have it cut off before it rots off and contaminates my entire body)

i told him what i thought the city should do with convention hall and he told me i was stupid because of my opinion that convention hall should be saved.

well i can tell you the conversation went down hill after he called me stupid and i sunk to his level and mental understanding level and told him EXACTLY what i think of him and his method of running(ruining) the city of Enid, and how he is a disgrace to the city but he also;so though i was a disgrace to the city as well or so he said. i also told him to leave convention hall alone and let the next mayor who could hold respect for veterans to deal with convention hall

i also told the mayor that i have more respect for the turd i flushed into the city sewer system this morning than i did for him and i was extremely happy he would not be running for reelection but then again i would like to see him run again so he could be the only candidate that received ZERO votes

the good thing was he was not at the city admin office and couldn't shut me up with his normal your out of time crap ola because i disagreed with him he actually had to listen to me because there was no rules for him to hid behind (which he dint follow any way unless its beneficial to him and him only) and no where to run or hide from me since it was at a public event.. i wish i would have seen benson and my commissioner and given them a piece of my mind as well but i didn't see ether one of them

its time for cringer to step down immediately and stop making the citizens of Enid cringe in disgust everytime the jerk opens his mouth or shows his crabby face in public especially when he is "representing" Enid

 on: September 18, 2010, 09:47:39 AM 
Started by mgcoleman3 - Last post by mgcoleman3
Rules for common sense posting in this forum

1. These Rules apply to the forums here at EnidForums.

Questions regarding interpretation and application of these Rules should be directed to the Admins through an appropriate thread. The moderators are all people of Enid who have volunteered to help the forum project. Their job is to keep the forums productive and positive.

2. In response to an unacceptable post or other action as defined here, the moderators may make edits or comments within posts containing unacceptable content. They may also remove unacceptable content and issue warnings or temporary forum bans.

Generally, repeated unacceptable posting will result in warnings, then temporary forum bans. Repeated temporary bans will result in a permanent ban from forums usage.

3. Threads are to be in posted in their appropriate forums. Do not post substantially duplicate content across additional forums ("cross-posting").

4. Technical Support questions should be addressed to eithe Admistrators or Moderators.

5. Do not post threads about software cheats, hacks or exploits. Do not post links to any site that contains either content of, or other links to, cheats, hacks or exploits.

6. Do not post Flames except in the Rants & Rave board. Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users. A flamer is simply an individual who believes he or she carries the only valid opinion. This leads him or her to personally attack those who disagree. In some cases, flamers wish to upset and offend other members of the forum, in which case they can be called "trolls". Most often however, flames are angry or insulting messages transmitted by people who have strong feelings about a subject.

7. Do not post Spam. We, like most people HATE Spam! (not the so-called meat product) icluding any surveys, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming or any duplicative or unsolicited messages (commercial or otherwise).

8. Do not post content which includes the following:
- Inappropriate language
- Inappropriate nudity
- Excessive sexual innuendo
- Racial slurs
- Ethnic slurs
- Religious slurs
- National slurs
- Hate language

9. Do not post content that would defame abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.

10. Do not repost private emails or communications without the participant's expressed permission.

11. Do not arrange for the exchange of pirated software, other copyrighted content or other illegal items. There are plenty of sites on the Internet for that and that's not what we are about!

12. These rules are intended to provide further, more practical guidance for users than provided by the Terms of Service. These rules may be changed, without notice at any time.

Just use common sense folks!

 on: September 18, 2010, 09:30:16 AM 
Started by mgcoleman3 - Last post by mgcoleman3
Welcome to Enid Forums!
 Hopefully, we can make this into a lively source of information about Enid and a entertaining place to visit. We have heard so many complaints about the forums over at the newspaper, that we hope people will start posting here. We want this to be a place for Enid, about Enid, and run by the people of Enid. Not by a business or people who control it with their own political agenda.  We aim to have it open to everyone no matter their race, creed, religion, or political views.
 We have very few rules...so please follow the ones that we have. No cursing is the main one. Please post in the appropriate board and respect others. The rant & Rave is board is pretty much "anything goes" except for blatantly sexual language so post at your own risk.
 Finally, have fun and help us  make this a GREAT place for Enidinites to gather and exchange ideas and opinions.

the staff

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